Swap Headers, Long Tube Headers
GM LS/LSX for Art Morrison Tri-Five Chassis

Ultimate Headers Swap Headers are designed to make installing a later generation engine into an earlier vehicle (for example, an LS-series engine in a Gen 1 Camaro) a much easier job with great eye-appeal!

Cast Stainless Steel flanges and the tight radius cast Stainless Steel elbows lets you put large tubes in tight places! The strength of 321 Stainless Steel tubes delivers a stronger, more durable header that is lighter than comparable header designs.

Plus, you get a complete package – headers, ARP 12-point Stainless Steel header bolts, a pair of matching Cometic HTS header and HTS Collector Gaskets (if applicable).

Long Tube Headers for Art Morrison
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1.440.234.9600 TO ORDER
  • Please place your order for these headers through tech@artmorrison.com
  • Patented design (U.S. Patent US D700,554 S)
  • Jig fixture, TIG welded for precise quality control
  • Easy to install
  • Header tubes are mounted high and tight, makes a very compact, space efficient package
  • Eye catching flanges add dramatic improvement to the engine compartment
  • Includes everything needed for the installation — headers, ARP 12-point Stainless Steel bolts & washers and Cometic MLS (Multi Layer Stainless) header

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Long tube for Art Morrison


  • Art Morrison Tri-Five Chassis
  • Header comes with low profile clamps and 12″ extension to take you past the cross member
Part Number Tube Diameter Tube Gauge Finish List Price
102071A 1-7/8″ 18 gauge Mill $1,559.00
102072S 1-7/8″ 18 gauge Satin $2,399.00
102073M 1-7/8″ 18 gauge Mirror Polish $2,749.00
102074S 1-7/8″ 18 gauge Ceramic Coated Silver $2,199.00
102075B 1-7/8″ 18 gauge Ceramic Black Coated $2,199.00
As cast flange/mill finish on tubing Satin flange/satin finish on tubing Mirror flange/mirror finish on tubing Mirror flange/silver ceramic on tubing Mirror flange/black ceramic on tubing
As cast flange/
mill finish on tubing
Mirror flange/
satin finish on tubing
Mirror flange/
mirror finish on tubing
Mirror flange/
silver ceramic on tubing
Mirror flange/
black ceramic on tubing

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