About Ultimate Headers

Ultimate Headers, headquartered in Berea, Ohio (a Cleveland suburb) has brought an entirely unique line of headers to the automotive performance market. The company is led by Jim Browning, best known as the Founder and past President of Corsa Performance.

The new headers, which Browning proudly describes as “engineered muscular elegance”, break new ground in the exhaust header market — with a focus upon joining form and function to address several key areas of concern. By using the 21st Century’s best engineering practices, combined with leading edge computer-aided design and manufacturing, and aircraft-grade materials, Browning and his team are presenting headers which take on a whole new perspective in terms of appearance, design and functionality.

At the center of the new Ultimate Header line is the engineering of nearly every aspect of the product. The materials, the construction, even the appearance reflects the engineering touch.

“When we started this program, we had the vision of a product which projected quality in just about every aspect,” says Browning. “We wanted a product that was extremely durable, but also had a sterling appearance that was highly recognizable and had functional advantages over the existing products that were in the marketplace.

“Our mission was to design and manufacture headers using state-of-the-art engineering tools such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to optimize functionality, while delivering that style we refer to as ‘muscular elegance’.”

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Ultimate Headers are sold through performance and installer shops. If you are interested in becoming an Ultimate Headers distributor, click here.