Cast Header Flanges
GM LS Engines

Are you looking to build your own custom headers for your LS/LSX engine?

Do you require a high strength, lightweight header flange? Do you want a unique design, one that sets the header apart from all others?

The distinctive Ultimate Headers investment cast Stainless Steel flanges are available separately to meet your need for a custom fabricated headers!

Because of the attention paid to creating not only the unique appearance, but to the physical properties, Ultimate Headers flanges are lighter than flat stock materials (mild steel & SS), are exceptionally strong and deliver excellent clamping forces to the cylinder head!

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  • Patented design (U.S. Patent US D700,554 S)
  • Feature aerospace derived engineering techniques and metallurgical processes
  • 316L Grade Stainless Steel delivers a very strong¬†casting with heat and corrosion resistance
  • Flange rib design gives exceptional strength and reduced weight
  • A perfect match with Unique Headers 316L Stainless Steel cast tight radius header elbows
  • Runs cooler due to increased surface area, thus further reducing tendency to warp
  • Available in Satin, Miror Polished and Mill finishes
Model Part Number Finish List Price
General Motors LS 104011 As Cast $135.00 (set of 4)
General Motors LS 104013 Mirror Polished $199.00 (set of 4)

Flange Finishes

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