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Extreme Low Profile Clamps

Ultimate Headers’ Low-Profile Connector Clamps provide a highly useful solution to connecting exhaust system tubing when ground and/or body clearance are problems.

Cast from the same non-corroding 316L allow Stainless Steel material as the Ultimate Headers header flanges and collector flanges, these low-profile clamps are engineered to stand up to heat, stress and vibration of high performance engines. Additionally, these low-profile connector flanges add a special level of quality elegance to the header-exhaust system installation.

Where clearance is an issue, and strength is very important, Ultimate Headers’ Low-Profile Connector Clamps deliver outstanding performance!

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  • Allow up to a 13° offset to facilitate easier exhaust system installation
  • Uses rugged detachable, claw-style hinge
  • Increased ground clearance
  • Quick, easy installation
  • For 2-1/2” or 3” pipe
  • Includes slip-in back-up mandrel to assure leak-free, air-tight junction
  • Uses ARP hex head, 5/16” stainless steel bolt, washers, nut to secure the joint
  • Available in 2 finish levels:
    • As Cast
    • Mirror Finish
  • Includes radiused flair tubing stubs
Part Number Description Finish List Price
997303 3″ Mirror Polished $239.00 (Pairs)
997301 3″ As Cast $218.00 (Pairs)
997253 2.5″ Mirror Polished $219.00 (Pairs)
997251 2.5″ As Cast $194.00 (Pairs)

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