321 Stainless Steel

321 Premium grade Stainless Steel delivers an additional margin of superior durability over other stainless steel options.

Ultimate Headers looked to the qualities of Stainless Steel as a material for several reasons. It is very durable and has excellent strength characteristics at elevated temperatures. By adding titanium to the basic nickel/chromium steel alloy, 321 grade Stainless Steel proved to have increased the resistance to material fatigue and thermal cracking required for high heat environments.

Battle Proven

Born in World War II, 321 Stainless Steel delivered a lightweight, heat-resistant and durable material for aircraft engine exhaust manifolds.

Race Proven

The motorsports world has embraced 321 Stainless Steel for durability, lightweight and structural strength in extreme temperature environments. These characteristics make it very useful across a wide range of motorsport applications.

From drag racing, NASCAR, IndyCar, and endurance road racing — all the way to Formula One, 321 Stainless Steel is the material used to assure the exhaust system will carry the car to the finish line without failure.

An added benefit is reduced header weight. Thanks to 321 Stainless Steel’s strength at elevated temperatures, tube wall thickness can be reduced, saving valuable weight, while preserving durability.

Ultimate Headers has tapped the “no failure” mind set of racing professionals to utilize the same materials and processes these experts use to get to the finish line — first.

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